Are you tired of an unnatural and awkward layout inside your bathroom? If that is the case, it may be time to invest in Bathroom Renovation. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are preparing it for a grand sale – Service Doctor has dealt with every possible scenario you can think of. Refreshing your home’s bathroom can increase your house’s value, and it’ll also feel like you’re using a completely new bathroom!

But before you ask a professional like Service Doctor for their help, here are the basics of bathroom renovation.

1. Set a Budget!

The average cost for the renovation of a small bathroom can range somewhere between $6,500 to $7,500, and the cost for renovating a full bathroom can cost $17,000 to $26,000. If you’re renovating the master bathroom, the cost may even go up to $40,000. But it is also important to remember that this cost can vary depending on the preferences you have. Adding more customized features like showers, tubs, or custom lights will further increase the costs.

2. The Timeline Project

One of the most important questions in every homeowner’s mind is, “how long can a bathroom’s renovation take?” To know the answer to this question, you must first know the scope of the project you have on your hands. As you go about the project, you’ll realize that there is more than meets the eye. A simple refresh will take less time, but a whole bathroom remodeling can take up to several weeks. Here’s a small checklist that can give you an idea of the kind of project at your hands.

Small bathroom renovation: 30 days on average

  • Replacing the faucet or vanity
  • Changing the shower plumbing
  • Getting new light fixtures
  • Adding more storage

Full renovation: 7 to 12 weeks (may require cosmetic, mechanical, and plumbing work)

  • Moving the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes
  • Enlarging the space
  • Upgrading the shower or the tub
  • Adding a heated floor

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3. Choose the Right Team

To ensure your bathroom renovation project is a success, you need to hire the right team for the project. Leave your bathroom renovations to Service Doctor, and let us work our magic! We handle repairs for most of the major manufacturers like National, Kohler, MAAX, and Jacuzzi and the processes we rely on are invisible.

All of our repairs have a written guarantee, and our technicians have been trained by product manufacturers themselves.

4. Create a Wishlist!

Now it’s time for the fun part. Start dreaming and think of all the wildest renovations you would want to have in your new bathroom. Make your way down into the Pinterest rabbit hole and get ideas from every place possible.

When it’s time for the final renovations, let Service Doctor know of the ideas you have, and we’ll tell you if they fit your budget!

Are You Ready?

A bathroom renovation can be an exciting opportunity to raise the valuation of your home and give your awkward bathroom a refreshing new look. Service Doctor has been doing this for a long time, and our expert technicians will ensure you get the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of!

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