Change the Color of Your Wall Tile and Save Time & Money

You can change the color of your wall tile without the messy tear out and cost of new tile.
At Service Doctor located in Northwest Indiana, we specialize in restoration and conventional remodeling. Restoration remodeling is the process of using all or part of your existing bathtub, bathtub, and surround, wall tile, vanity top, kitchen cabinets, and countertops. Because we use existing fixtures to make them new again with a color change you can save up to 80% over conventional remodeling. Service Doctor is located in Merrillville Indiana has a showroom with all the restoration remodeling processes on full display.

Service Doctor has been doing restoration remodeling in Northwest Indiana, Lake and Porter Counties for over 18 years both in the residential and commercial applications.
Our wall tile color change process starts with protecting your home. It is our policy to create a path to the area of service by putting down cloth runners. Next, we go through the process with every client which includes the following:

  1. Care instructions
  2. Cleaning instructions
  3. The process: clean, grout, mask off the entire floor with a special commercial paper protected on one side with wax, mask out all areas of the room with paper and or plastic, (we use only the best products for protection exclusively from Sherwin Williams) add primer for adhesion, spray multiple coats of two part catalyzes epoxy/ polyurethane.
  4. The Warranty

What is epoxy/polyurethane?

It is the best possible spray-on coating in the industry, holds well to all surfaces and doesn’t dry as hard as enamel, it doesn’t become brittle and crack or chip as easy as most coatings. It is used on airplanes to withstand fluctuating temperatures. This is why the epoxy/polyurethane is the number one choice for all of our resurfacing processes at Service Doctor.

How much time does the resurfacing process take?

In most cases any bathroom, vanity top or kitchen countertop can be done in one day. The coated surface can be used in 24 hours.

What kind of Warranty comes with the resurfacing process?

All our resurfacing comes with a 5-year guarantee. In most case new products and fixtures are only guaranteed 1 year.

Why does Service Doctor give a 5-year warranty ?

It is to always stand behind our work, the process and gives our clients piece of mind that it will last as the original product we are resurfacing.

How long does the resurfacing last?

With proper care and cleaning resurfacing can last longer than 20 years retaining its original shine and finish.