Clawfoot tubs add a unique and elegant appearance to any bathroom. We can help you keep your clawfoot tub looking just as beautiful as the day it was manufactured. How? You ask, well Service Doctor can resurface and repair your clawfoot!

We specialize in restoring tubs that may look as if it’s at its wits end or may even be decades old, saving you the costly expenses to replace such a grand tub. With our unique four-day process, we can bring your tub back to life and guarantee that you will fall in love with your tub once again! Here at service doctor, we like to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction, we offer pickup and delivery for your convenience saving you time and labor. We also stand behind our work in which we provide you with a free 5-year hassle-free warranty along with free estimates and design consultation. Call us today for more information!

Service Doctor has manufacturer trained technicians to professionally resurface your clawfoot tub, take a look at the steps taken below.

Day 1

  1. Remove misc. plumbing fixtures, feet, etc. (Note: There will be an extra charge for removing plumbing fixtures, if not already removed)
  2. Put feet into 5-gallon gun cleaning bucket
  3. Remove paint, rust, etc. from the underside of the tub (use a grinder with a wire wheel and orbital sander with 80 grit)
  4. Rinse off legs with water and dry
  5. Use bench grinder (wire wheel side) to clean the feet
  6. Primer the underside to the tub and the feet with gray auto primer
  7. Flip over tub
  8. Clean inside of the tub following the porcelain resurfacing procedures (Note: DO NOT rag-in-a-bag primer)
  9. Do repairs and sand

Day 2:

  1. Mask out the shape of the textured bottom, attach brown paper to the tape and run it up the sides
  2. Roll a gel coat texture on the bottom with the textured roller & allow to dry overnight
  3. Flip over, spray texture on outside of tub and allow to dry overnight

Day 3:

  1. Sand tub lightly, sand high spots in gel coat texture
  2. Surface prep, tack cloth, rag-in-a-bag primer, tack cloth
  3. Spray inside of tub and feet and allow to dry overnight

Day 4:

  1. Look for debris in the finish, any missed repairs, etc.
  2. Do repairs, lightly sand tub, tack cloth
  3. Spray final coat on tub and feet.