If your countertop just needs a new look, let us recoat it with hundreds of color options. Service Doctor has over 150 colors to choose from in our Showroom, located at 5150 E. US Hwy 30 in Merrillville, Indiana.

Resurfacing your countertop is a one day process. You do not have to move your sink or plumbing. At your request, Service Doctor will give you a budget to replace your sink and faucet.

You are protected by our 5-year warranty on all resurfacing. Most new countertops are only guaranteed for one year. After your 5-year warranty expires, we are still available for any concern you may have with our service. It is easy as a phone call to us and we will send a qualified technician to your home to review your concerns.

We will make your kitchen look brand new in 7 easy steps.

Step 1: Clean all countertops with a special mix of degreasers by Castrol.
Step 2: Protect your walls, floors, cabinets, and appliances by masking out all of the above with professional papers, tapes, and plastics by Sherwin Williams.
Step 3: Mechanically sand all the countertops with sanders attached to vacuum systems.
Step 4: Repair any burns or cuts with a high strength poly filler/hardener. This poly filler is then sanded and shaped to a smooth finish.
Step 5: Spray on a two-part catalyzed polyurethane by Napco using an HVLP spray system creating a high-quality finish
Step 6: Extract the fumes and overspray out of your home
Step 7: Unmask your new countertops