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Two great offers

If your kitchen or bathroom is $10,000 you would pay 5.99% Financing Offer.
If your kitchen or bathroom is $10,000, you would pay approximately $300 per month for 34 months.

Promotional Offers – APR refers to Annual Percentage Rate

602 – Reduced 5.99% APR and fixed monthly payments equal to 3.00% of promo purchase amount – Until Paid in Full
605 – No Monthly Interest if Paid in Full within 18 Months (Deferred Interest) _ _ . _ _ % APR

No monthly Interest Charges will be assessed if the promotional purchase balance is paid in full within the promo period. If the promo purchase balance is not paid in full by the end of the promo period, interest will be imposed from the date of purchase at the APR inserted immediately above. Fixed monthly payments are required equal to 2.50% of the highest balance applicable to this promo purchase, rounded to the next highest whole dollar, until pain in full.