Service Doctor Specializes In Gutter Cleaning And Water Management

Why Clean Your Gutters?

Safety– gutters are not a sealed system like plumbing pipes. If they become clogged and backed up they will leak at the joints and corners which are usually located at the entry and sidewalks of your home. Service Doctor offers sealing joints and corners as an option after you gutter cleaning.

Clogging– caused by dry leaves and debris will prevent water from flowing down the gutter into the downspout. Excess rainwater will pour out of the sides of the gutter and onto the siding of the house and into the landscaping. This will necessitate expensive repair and painting to restore the appearance of your home. In our area, excess water can seep into your basement or crawlspace and damage the foundation.

Ice Dams– if the water does not drain from the gutter it can lead to ice damming and damage, forcing you to replace the gutter and, more importantly, water, as it melts at the top of the roof, runs down becoming trapped by the ice dams allowing water to enter your home and cause ceiling and insulation damage.
Small animals– such as squirrels and birds might decide to nest among the debris and leave their dropping in the gutter. The presence of organic matter and water leads to the formation of mold, which contributes to the further clogging of the gutter as well.

Why trim all trees and limbs?

Tree limbs– that project over the homes roof causes several problems. First, it shades the roof shingles causing mold, mildew and premature replacement of the roofs shingles. Second it causes excess leaves to fall on the roof and be washed into the gutters. Service Doctor provides tree and limb trimming.

When Should My Gutters Be Cleaned?

Best case is to have gutters cleaned when all leaves have fallen from the trees. In Northwest Indiana, the best month is usually October.

Why Should You Find a Gutter Cleaning Company That Can Repair or Replace Gutters?

Service Doctor gutter cleaning technicians are experienced to make sure during the cleaning process that they are sealed properly, making sure hanger joists or nails are not coming loose and make addition recommendations for repair or replacement. Service Doctor does FREE Estimates for all your gutter repair or replacement needs.

Why Should Your Gutter Downspouts Be Extended From Your Home?

Downspouts are as important as keeping your gutters cleaned. Water from your gutters is to be directed away from your home by the downspouts. If the slope of your yard and landscaping is toward the foundation you will have damage to your foundation and eventually water can enter your basement or crawl. Our technicians and sales team are trained to analyze your downspout extensions and slope around the perimeter of your home.

Service Doctor can make recommendations for your downspout water runoff. We install service extensions and underground extensions to correct any standing or pooling water around the perimeter of your home.