In some instances, a house’s roof can reach the end of its life without falling apart or going through a catastrophic roofing failure. It’ll start to look worn out and old and you’ll have to take the necessary preventive measures at home.

If the replacement procedure for this damaged roof is delayed, you can face considerably bigger problems a few months down the line. To ensure you stay in the know, Service Doctor is taking you through the most prominent warning signs you need to pay attention to when your house’s roof is falling apart.

Roof Starts to Sag

If your house’s roof is sagging, it’s a sign that it has trapped moisture and the boards under the roof are beginning to rot. A droopy roof neither looks pretty nor is it safe to live under, which is why you should get it checked instantly. Check the roof’s surface for sagging areas, boards rotting away, or areas that have trapped moisture. Very often, you’re going to find these signs on the lowest points of the roof.

One effective way of spotting these signs is to stand far from your home (across a street perhaps) and then look at the house from different angles. The roof should appear to be straight along the lines. If there are any signs of slumping or sagging, they’ll be easy to notice.

Outdoor Temperature and Attic Temperature Will Differ Dramatically

The temperature of your house’s attic is supposed to be consistent with the temperature outside your home. This will happen when there’s sufficient ventilation in attic, which allows air to pass through. When there’s sufficient ventilation, ice dams don’t form. However, if your house’s attic is warmer than the temperature outside, your home will be vulnerable to the formation of ice dams.

Additionally, because of the poor ventilation, you’re also going to see paint beginning to peel off and signs of blistering. To ensure this doesn’t happen, your roof must have a ridge vent that can remove the extra moisture and heat. This will also save you from the remarkably high energy bills and the fear of interior paint peeling off.

Leaking Chimneys

It’s imperative that your chimney and roof is appropriately flashed so that your house is sealed from the different particles in the air. However, if there’s water leaking from your chimney, it can be a sign that either it wasn’t flashed properly or has to be flashed again.

To ensure you get your roof flashed again the right way this time, choose Service Doctor’s exemplary services.

Missing Shingles

After a storm, make sure you check your roof to ensure it’s in perfect shape. A shingle must lie flat against the roof and if you can see cracked patches, then you may to get them repaired. Moreover, if your roof is starting to lose lots of granules, you may need to get it replaced.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the signs you need to stay wary of to ensure you can spot a faulty roof before things go awry. If these signs don’t seem clear enough, call Service Doctor and we’ll do an inspection for you! To contact us, call us on 219 942 0883 or click here to schedule an appointment!