Whether you like it or not, your home’s roof will eventually get damaged. When this happens, you’ll have to decide whether you should repair, patch, or replace the roof altogether. For starters, repairing the roof and extending its life is often the go-to solution for several homeowners.

That said, on many occasions, this won’t cut it. With the help of this article, Service Doctor is going to help you identify the signs of roof damage. They will help you assess whether you should get a replacement or if a repair might be sufficient.

Signs for a Roof Repair

In many cases, roof repair can seem like a more sensible option. You can extend your roof’s life without the added cost of a complete replacement. But there are few conditions in which you can get a roof repair.

For starters, how old is your roof? If your house isn’t that old and the roof is comparatively new, then a repair can be suitable. This can usually mean the roof is under a warranty and you can contact the manufacturer for a repair.

You should also consider where the roof was damaged. When you know this, deciding whether you need a repair or a replacement can be easy.

And finally, consider the extent of the damage. If it was a small mark (a missing shingle for instance) you can get this problem repaired by Service Doctor without a lot of hassle.

Signs for a Roof Patching

On the other hand, several homeowners also consider whether they can get a roof patched rather than getting it replaced. Some homeowners even choose to place a roof over the current shingles rather than getting rid of the previous roof.

Patching can work in some instances, but it may not be a good idea. Even if it is possible, it won’t be aesthetically pleasing.

Signs for a Roof Replacement

So, when will you have to replace your roof?

Throughout a roof’s life, a replacement can be required at every stage. The older the roof of your house is, the more repairs it will need. Sure you can still continue to fix a roof that should be replaced, but with the time, the frequency of these repairs will increase and they will become increasingly expensive.

If your house’s roof is coming close to the end of its warranty period (20 or 30 years), getting a repair may not be a good idea. However, you may need a repair earlier as well. This depends on the extent of the damage the roof has sustained.

To a certain limit, most of the damage on your roof can be repaired. But if these damages have begun to weaken the structural integrity of the roof, it can be a good time to get a replacement.


Decisions surrounding your house’s roof are always big and come with a lot of pressure. Whether to patch, replace, or repair is the question on most people’s minds. But if you’re trying to find an educated answer to it, let Service Doctor take the wheel!

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