It is that time of year to add a layer of protection for your concrete driveway and sidewalks. We do not think twice about painting our homes or decks to keep them protected and looking good. Why don’t protect our concrete?

It’s simple! It always looks the same shade of gray. Right! But what about the salt, snow and freeze thaw that enters into the concrete. Does your concrete have cracks and chips out of your concrete? If not it will soon happen. There are two things guaranteed about concrete. One it is gray and two it will crack.

If you are on a road that is salted more than likely your concrete driveway connecting to the salted road has many pits at least 10’ back from the road. This is caused by the salt put on the road. Service Doctor can help slow this process down by applying two options of concrete sealers.

We start with bleaching and pressure washing your concrete. Next, we let it dry and apply either a concrete sealer that penetrates into the concrete or a sealer that penetrates but also creates a barrier or layer on your concrete similar to how paint protects your home’s siding.

The second option to seal is the most expensive of the process but is extremely durable and last longer. It will darken the concrete a shade or two. If you want to retain the same color then the penetrating sealer would be your best choice. If you want the best protection option two would be the best choice.

Service Doctor exclusively uses Sherwin Williams concrete sealers. Most jobs can be completed in two days depend on the weather.

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