Why Replace? When you can resurface saving up to 80% over new.

It’s impossible to own a home without pondering the occasional (or hey, a whole lot of) home improvements. And the great thing is that a lot of the time, creative energy, and yes, cash you spend on such renovations don’t just translate into a space you love, but also into a higher home price whenever you decide it’s time to sell. Kitchen renovations offer up one of the biggest return on investment?

Refreshed cabinets (resurfacing, new doors or new cabinets are all options at Service Doctor.

After appliances, cabinets are the most expensive item on a kitchen averaging between $3900 t0 $12,000. So don’t leap into trashing the old ones.

“If you have existing wood cabinets that are still in decent shape, instead of completely replacing them, resurface them owner operator, Randy Ralls says. You can save up to 80% over new.

Kitchen sink

Given the sink is the most used item in your kitchen, a brand-new one will pop and to keep the budget. Stainless steel is the most popular material,

Charging stations

The home invasion of smartphones, tablets, and other constantly charged electronics means there are never enough power outlets in a kitchen. This may explain why the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s shows that almost two-thirds of homes have rigged up charging stations where all these gadgets can easily be plugged in. Add a pop-up charger in your existing counter top or existing outlet.

New countertops

A new countertop may be pricey, but Realtors agree that the impact on future home buyers is huge. And don’t just take it for granted that you should go for granite. You can resurface your counter tops with our resurfacing process saving you over 80% over new.

Also, remember that replacing a countertop “provides an opportunity to install a new glass or subway backsplash for additional punch. Let our design staff help you with the best choices and trends.

Wood floors

When it comes to kitchen floors, nothing beats good ole wood. The NKBA report shows that wood is the most popular kitchen flooring, favored by 82% of homeowners. it’s a relatively inexpensive option, too, average $9 to $12 per square foot.

Bonus: One renovation That brings Friends and Families Together

Knocking down a wall to create the oh-so-trendy open kitchen may seem like the thing to do these days. Open the kitchen to create a great room is easier than your think with Service Doctor. We specialize in structural remodeling.

OriginMargaret Heidenry | realtor.com