Many homeowners today are saving money by resurfacing rather than completely replacing their existing kitchen cabinets.  With savings up to 70% over replacement, resurfacing is a great option if you’re planning on customizing your dream kitchen.

Here’s How It Works

One of our home interior designers will work with you to help design your new kitchen cabinets.  Want glass doors, no problem.  You’ll choose every detail down to the new hinges and knobs.

We spray a two-part polyurethane coating on the cabinets that gives them a brilliant finish that won’t fade or easily chip. We can resurface cabinets in any color or combination of colors.  Your imagination is the limit.

Our process takes 5 to 7 days to complete and we’ll walk you through each step of the process to ensure your expectations are met.  We guarantee our work for 5 years aginst chipping and discoloration (due to normal wear and tear).

Learn More

Want to find out more about resurfacing?  Stop by our showroom or visit our website. We’ll we’ll be happy to help you get the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.