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Let’s Compare to washing your car.

Why Do You Wash Your Car

Most people wash their car to protect their investment, take pride in themselves their car and help maintain its shiny paint appearance for many years.

Your home’s exterior is just as important if not more important as washing your car.  All types of home siding should be washed a minimum of every three to four years.

Have you ever wiped down your patio table? What did you see on your paper towel or rag when finished? I am sure you saw a black or green stain on the rag or paper towel. This is caused by airborne pollutants caused by man and nature. Trees give off pollens that attach to your home’s siding. Airborne dust and smoke also attach to your home’s siding. Just imagine all that dust from cars driving by your home every day for 3 years. Wow, just one car that travels to work and back makes over 2000 trips pass your home. Now multiply that times 30 cars a day or over 60,000 times in three years. That is a lot of road dust.

I mentioned smoke earlier but this is not always caused by a fire. Most of your neighbors have hot water heaters and furnaces. If they are the flu type systems soot, and non-burned gas creates pollutants that exit from their roof and float thru the air attaching to homes siding.
The best solution to extend your sidings appearance and weather protection is by our pressure washing system.

Service Doctor provides a complete cleaning system to rid your homes siding, fascia, leaves, and gutters of mold, mildew, moss and air born pollutants.
Our steps:

  1. Apply a solution of metered degreaser diluted to 25%.
  2. Apply bleach metered and diluted at 25% bleach.
  3. Body scrub by hand any areas that require deep cleaning.
  4. Rinse all areas of siding, fascia, eaves and gutters with a pressure washing system at the regulated pressure to complete the final rinse step for a clean exterior.

Our siding cleaning system does not have to break the bank. In most cases it would cost about the same price as washing your car twice a month for one year at $15 per wash or $330 per year.

Service Doctor pressure washing system starts at $200 for a 1500 square foot home and goes up to $400 for a 3000 square foot home. Pricing varies with a number of stories and square footage of the home.

Call Service Doctor for a FREE in-home consultation for pricing and service.