There are many benefits to updating your kitchen or bathroom to granite countertops. They help update your home just by changing out your countertops.

  1. The first benefit to having granite countertops is that very unique look they provide for your kitchen or bathroom. It gives an absolute gorgeous aesthetic that your home will not want to be without.
  2. Another benefit is it’s great durability with normal wear and tear. Even though you will not want to work purely on the countertops because they will dull knife blades, granite can take the heat with hot pots and pans. For the bathroom, you can place hot irons and hair tools on the countertop without damaging it.
  3. When properly sealed, granite countertops are very resistant to staining so when someone spills something, you can make sure that it will not stay there.
  4. Speaking of spills, it is so easy to take care of. Granite is resist to staining and bacteria so you just need some soap and water to keep it all clean.
  5. Granite easily boosts a home’s value. Most people prefer to have granite countertops with all of the benefits. If buyers are showed two homes and one has granite countertops, more people lean towards the granite countertops.
  6. Granite countertops can last for a very longtime for 30+ years. You do not have to replace them nearly as much laminate countertops or even the popular quartz in some cases.

In conclusion, granite countertops are a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom. They look wonderful and are very durable. You can get them in countless different shades and colors. We hope that you will choose Service Doctor to help you achieve the perfect kitchen or bathroom.