Layer Of Mulch

If you’re doing just one thing to your property’s landscaping this season, you should consider adding a layer of mulch. Mulch is affordable and is easy to install when compared to the other landscaping options you can go for. Service Doctor recommends that you apply a layer of mulch once every year because it can bring a plethora of advantages.

Adding a layer of mulch can help the soil maintain its level of moisture and it also improves its overall health. Not only does it keep your plants healthy, but it also helps reduce water loss. Learn all of the magical benefits of mulch below.

The Advantages of Proper Mulching

Controlling the Soil’s Moisture

When you apply mulch to your garden, the rate of evaporation drastically reduces. This reduces the need to water your plants daily which also makes it easier to maintain your plants. Not only is this good for the environment but it also ensures your plants are always appropriately fed.

Controlling Weeds

A 3 to 5 inches layer of mulch is going to reduce the growth of weeds and will also reduce the germination process. Once you’ve applied mulch, you’ll have to spend a considerably lesser amount of time weeding in your lawn, and maximize the time you can enjoy in your yard.

A Natural Insulation Blanket

Since mulch is a lot like a blanket for your soil, it can keep your soil warm in the winter and cooler in the summers. This is important because a soil that has a high temperature can shorten the life cycle of some delicate plants. While this lesser known fact may not be important for everyone, it can make a huge difference in your plant’s health!

Preventing Several Plant-Related Diseases

Every person with a yard full of plants often has to deal with an unfortunate stage in which their plants become infected with annoying diseases. This happens frequently and can easily destroy your plants. If this hasn’t happened to your plants yet, then consider yourself lucky! An infected tree can take a lot of money to heal and the worst part is that these diseases can spread. Fortunately, an easy way of saving your plants is by light mulching.

This will curb the spread of the disease and make your green friends bloom!

Improving the Soil’s Fertility

The mulch that Service Doctor uses comes from natural materials. The constituents of our mulch have the essential nutrients that are necessary to fertilize your soil and add life back into your plants, flowers, and shrubs. Not only is soil fertilization good for flowers and plants, but these fertilizing properties also spread to your lawn and make it look a lot more greener.


There are several other benefits of mulching to consider when you’re thinking of refreshing your yard. It’s eco-friendly and is right for every home.So what are you waiting for? Call Service Doctor today (219 942 0883) and update your lawn’s mulch!

The professionals working for us can ensure your lawn stays healthy!