When it comes to cleaning your tub year after year if you are not using the right cleaning products or not cleaning it often enough it will dull over time.

Tub resurfacing is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to experience bathtub upgrade at a fraction of the cost over replacing your bathtub. Installing one can be costly and time-consuming. At Service Doctor, we resurface bathtubs, ceramic tile, surrounds, countertops and kitchen cabinets. There’s no need to remove or replace your bathtub, surround or vanity when you remodel your bathroom. We will make it look new.

We have the solution for your hard to keep clean, stained tubs, chipped tubs or your out of date colored tub. These are the most common reasons for bathtub or bathroom resurfacing. Even chips and scratches can be beautifully repaired quickly and were reasonably priced for your budget. Any old tub can be made to look new even if it is scrubbed out and it will save you up to 80% over replacement.

With our resurfacing products, we can repair any porcelain bathtub, fiberglass bathtub, ceramic bathtub, or acrylic bathtub.

Service Doctors resurfacing is so durable, it can add 15 to 20 more years of useful service life to your bathtub or ceramic tile surround. Our bathtub resurfacing is a high-quality coat that most people cannot tell the difference between a bathtub resurfaced by us and new. We take your existing porcelain tub, fiberglass tub, or acrylic tub and resurface it with a two part catalyzed product that is easy to clean and is guaranteed to last for many years. We also give you that piece of mind with our warranty.

Additionally, we stand by our product 100% and we have a customer care program called CSO which is our Customer Service Opportunity. Customers are our priority. If you have any issues with work completed by our technicians whatever your issue we will come out and inspect.