Flowers in Garden

The perfect perennials for Northwest Indiana can ensure that your garden stays colorful throughout the year. These gorgeous plants can light up any homeowner’s landscape and the best part is that they keep growing back to back every year. The perennials Service Doctor has listed are in no particular order and are the best choices you can go with if you live in Northwest Indiana.

But remember! They’ll perform at their best only if they’ve been planted at the right spot. When you’re planting them, think about the sunlight they’ll need and their size. Now that you’re ready for a season full of vibrant colors, let’s jump right into it.

Black Eyed Susans

This perennial can grow up to 2-feet and has sunshine-like yellow flowers that can be 3-inches wide at the time of spring if planted in the right spot. The center of this flower is brownish-black and the plant also has oval-shaped leaves all over it. In the first year, however, you’re only going to see a few flowers at the top of the plant.


There are more than 100 different varieties of Hosta in Northwest Indiana. This plant loves the shade and it forms a clump that can give it a long life. The summer bloom of this plant can take longer and are usually clipped off by farmers before they can bloom. That is because their flowers can be an excellent food source for bees.

If you leave this alone, it’ll do take care of itself but if you want to grow a new one, you can do so by clipping a root.


If there’s an area in your yard that gets a lot of sunlight, you can’t go wrong with coneflowers. Once this plant has grown to the height of 4-feet, it’s going to require minimal care. These plants have a cone in the middle surrounded by petals. You’re going to find coneflowers in several colors but they can also look beautiful without their petals!

Several people like coneflowers in Northwest Indiana in the fall after they’ve lost their petals.


These flowers have gained popularity recently because they are relatively easy to grow, have a rich texture, and don’t require a lot of water. They have light green stems, host lots of flowers and produce buds like broccoli in the summer. These buds open up and transform into large red flowers by fall. Some other popular sedums are Meteor, Vera Jameson, and Purple Emperor.


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