Do you need more or better insulation in the attic? Chances are, if your home was built before 1970, you may benefit by re-insulating your home. However, one may question, why can there be a need to get your home re-insulated?

Quite simply, it starts with a simple attic insulation inspection by Service Doctor, which can the reveal detrimental effects of non-functioning insulation. Homeowners who don’t get an insulation inspection often have to deal with some serious problems.

Here’s what we mean.

1. Cold or Hot Rooms

Do you think that some rooms within your house are considerably hotter or colder than other rooms? And no matter how many times you try to fix the temperature imbalance, it continues to happen? If those rooms have proper ventilation, there’s a chance these rooms have been insulated poorly.

Rooms like these are often beneath the attic or above a home’s garage. As a result, it’s crucial that all parts of your home are equally insulated. Cool air or heat can escape to almost any place where there isn’t any insulation to stop them.

2. Water Leaking In the Attic

Poor insulation can take water out of your home, but it can also allow water to come in. Compared to a home that is well-insulated, water can enter a poorly insulated home a lot more easily. If your attic is leaking, it may partially be your fault.

Leaks are often a sign that you have poor insulation and need to get new insulation installed ASAP. Years down the line, these problems can cause several other problems like possible mold issues.

3. Excessively High Energy Bills

Just when you think you’ve take all the necessary steps to make your home energy-efficient, you’re slapped with an unusually high bill. That’s because we often pay attention to things we see. Poor insulation, when combined with the ACs or furnaces you forget to turn off, can let your energy bills soar high.

We don’t blame you for it either! Cooling and heating systems ensure that a house stays comfortable. But if these two systems are proving to be ineffective, that means your home’s insulation is doing a bad job of keeping temperatures consistent.

4. Current Insulation

Homeowners who don’t consider getting an attic insulation inspection never stop to consider what might be the state of their current insulation. When a home’s insulation hasn’t been checked for years, it can turn crumbly and simply look outdated. In this scenario, don’t disturb your home’s current insulation and let professionals like Service Doctor handle it.

Why? Because attic insulation can often carry harmful chemicals like asbestos. In this case, our attic insulation experts will apply the new insulation over the current insulation in your attic.

Wrapping Up

At Service Doctor, we’ve been insulating homes perfectly for years. If you’re thinking of preparing your home for a sale or if you’ve finally found your dream house and need a few touchups, Service Doctor can help!

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